Introducing Battleheart - a real-time tactical RPG coming to iOS!
Q. Can you give a brief summary? What kind of game is it?
A. It's hard to compare it to any one game, but it incorporates elements from RTS, tactical RPGs, and the simple "line drawing" games that the App Store has popularized. You take control of a party of heroes of various classes and engage in hectic real-time battles with evil creatures. Check out the screenshots, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Q. How do the controls work?
A. You give your party commands by tapping and dragging them. Draw a line to tell your heroes to move somewhere, or attack or heal someone. It's all very quick and simple, and with a bit of practice you'll be directing your little army like a pro!
Q. Is there more to it than just drawing lines?
A. Naturally! In addition to basic movement and attack commands, you can also tell your heroes to use certain special moves unique to their class. Select a party member by tapping them and their special moves are displayed in the top left corner. These include summoning meteors from the sky, powerful healing magic, turning your enemies into frogs, and other fun unique powers to help you fight against unrelenting waves of attackers.
Q. Can I customize my party?
A. This is definitely our deepest game yet - you can customize your party of 4 heroes from a selection of 8 classes. Your allies grow in level and accumulate funds after each battle which can be used to upgrade their equipment. There is a skill system for customizing each class as well, where you choose between various powers (both active and passive) to suit your playstyle. There's a truly insane amount of possible party and power combinations.
Q. What are the 8 classes, and how are they distinct?
A. The classes fall into 4 general categories. The Knight and Monk are both 'tanks' - they take the least damage, have powers focused on dodging/blocking attacks, and can force their opponents to focus on them instead of their frailer allies. The Wizard and Witch are 'casters', using spells to deal high damage from long range, setting their enemies ablaze, or sending them running in terror. The Rogue and Barbarian are the primary 'melee' units, dealing more damage than tanks, but taking more in return. The Barbarian especially has a high damage potential, but sacrifices all defense to achieve it, while the Rogue is more focused on crippling his opponents, mobility, and staying alive. Lastly, the Bard and Cleric are 'support' units that heal and strengthen their allies. The Cleric is the better healer of the two, but the Bard can inspire allies to have great strength and armor.
Q. What about retina display, iPad, iOS 4 etc.?
A. We got you covered. The game will be universal, and take advantage of the latest hardware for crisp visuals, multi-tasking, etc.
Q. Does it have a release date? Price?
A. It's $2.99 US and available now!
Q. Any plans for new content, such as additional classes, levels, and items?
A. At the moment our development time is being spent on a whole new RPG, "Battleheart: Legacy" which we hope to release around the end of 2013.


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