OMG Pirates! is an easy recommendation.

-Peter Lettieri,

Pirates vs. Ninjas, the eternal war continues...

Our second game, following the wildly successful Zombieville USA, OMG Pirates! brings classic beat-em-up action to mobile!

Take on the role of the ninja, and defend your homeland against your evil pirate nemeses. Yes yes, it’s a little ridiculous, but it’s really just an excuse to bombard your eyeballs with AWESOME NINJA ACTION. Check out the trailer – even though it ran on a first generation iPhone, it still looks pretty slick!

In OMG Pirates!, you’ll kick pirate booty across a campaign featuring various locales, from a pirate tavern to an active volcano!  Fight a horde of pirate enemies, including a trio of over-the-top bosses.  Unleash different attacks with precise on-screen controls, and expand your arsenal as you level up your ninja hero.  Unravel the mystery of why pirates seem to like rum so much!

Tech Details

  • Works all the way back to iOS 3!

System Requirements

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