Hero Spotlight – Kaimani

Welcome back to another hero spotlight.  Today we bring you… 

Kaimani, the Ancient Flame

Bio: An immortal wizard written of in ages past, reincarnated time and again.  He has lived through countless ages, and seen many wars.  Every battle is a test, ever more tinder to stoke the flames of his power.

Kaimani is a ranged damage dealer who specializes in fire magic.  If protected by your front line, he can dish out enormous damage to individual enemies, or entire groups at once.  Whether you emphasize area damage or single-target damage depends largely on your talent choices.

Flame Lash:  Strikes your current target with a swift blast of flame.  This deals moderate single target damage, and has a relatively short cooldown.  To further push Kaimani’s single-target output, you can talent Flame Lash to have an even shorter cooldown, store multiple charges, and deal increasingly higher damage the more times he strikes the same target with it.  You can also choose to add a movement slowing effect to this spell as well, giving Kaimani a little bit more control over incoming enemies.

Conflagration:  A classic Battleheart ability, Conflagration allows Kaimani to ignite his target, putting them into a panic and dealing damage over time.  While burning, the victim cannot act, so this provides Kaimani with some useful crowd-control.  Talents can increase the duration and damage of this spell, and make the victim take additional damage from other spells while the burn persists.  Another fun option is to cause enemies who die while under the effects of Conflagration to explode violently, doing huge damage to any other enemies unfortunate enough to stand nearby.

Meteor Swarm:  Both of the previous Battleheart games included the Meteor spell.  But Kaimani is the supreme pyromancer, so one meteor simply isn’t enough.  This ability unloads a salvo of meteor strikes near your primary target, chaotically striking them and other nearby foes.  This does some pretty disastrous area damage, but also has a lengthy cooldown, so using it at the opportune moment is key.  Talents include the typical damage/cooldown improvements, along with adding a brief knockdown effect as well to ensure that none can escape the blast zone.

Hope you enjoyed this peek at Kaimani!

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