Lost Frontier launching on Steam Oct. 19!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally branching out from the mobile space.  Lost Frontier will be our first PC title, launching on Steam this month for both Windows and Mac!  Click here for a link to the Steam page.

Why Lost Frontier?  

The truth is, I feel like its a game that never really got a chance to find its audience.  It’s been our least popular mobile game, and I think part of that is simply that mobile players aren’t as interested in challenging turn-based strategy.  And when I say challenging, I’m well aware that the game was probably too difficult for any audience, more on that in a minute.  The attention and time investment that Lost Frontier asked of players was high – it’s perhaps the most “hardcore” game we’ve made, a quality that PC players may be more likely to embrace.

Improvements to Controls and Difficulty

What began as a simple port has become sort of a “Director’s Cut” now that the dust has settled.  We’ve taken this opportunity to sand off the rough edges and make Lost Frontier the best it can be.  Naturally, we’ve enhanced the controls and UI with keyboard hotkeys and other stuff you’d expect on PC.  We’ve also gone a few steps further, revisiting some of the game’s systems and addressing problems with the original release.  For starters, there’s now two difficulty settings for the campaign. The original’s brutal story mode remains as “Veteran” mode, but we’ve added a “Recruit” mode to help ease people into the game without expecting perfection by mission 6.

Redesigned Perk System

Another part of the game that got a fresh coat of paint is the way that the Living Legend’s acquire perks.  In the original game, your Legend (the leader of your forces) gained experience after each mission, and simply unlocked passive benefits in a set order.  There wasn’t any player choice involved, and even seeing what you have unlocked (and will unlock in the future) was tucked away in another menu four taps away.  Oops.

The new version of the perk system has you select perks of your choice between missions in a nonlinear fashion, and is a single click away from the mission select as it always should have been.  All of the same perks exist, but you’ll be able to snap them up a la carte. In addition, the way you unlock them is no longer based on grinding up experience. Rather, you distribute the stars you earn from completing missions to unlock the perks you want.  This further incentivizes shooting for a better score on each mission, but don’t fret, you’ll be able to unlock everything without having to perfectly 3-star every map. And your perk selections aren’t permanent, you can reallocate your stars at any time.

This new method of unlocking perks adds some texture to the campaign that was lacking before.  And for simplicity’s sake, all perks are unlocked “for free” in challenge mode, which was always tuned around the assumption that you’d maxed out your Living Legend anyway.  Now there’s no need to grind up each Legend in the story before trying them out in other modes.


The new perk system doesn’t gel with the IAP we offered in the mobile release (a paid level boost for a living legend), so the PC version won’t feature it.

We’re really excited to bring this game to a new audience, and we hope you’ll give it a try! And naturally, we also plan to bring these new additions to the mobile version asap.

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