Battleheart 2 Launches July 12

It’s with excitement and exhausted relief that I can say that we FINALLY have Battleheart 2 in the bag, and will be launching July 12th on iOS.  A Google Play release will follow shortly after, as we need to wrangle a few platform specific things, and we’ll be strongly considering a Steam release as well after the dust has settled on the mobile side.  Here’s our lovely launch trailer!

I can say with all honesty that I think this is the best game we’ve made.  The original Battleheart remains one of our most beloved titles, and I think a big part of that is because it married the satisfying depth of more complex RPGs with fast, addictive battles that fit into your life.  You could play it for hours, or just for a couple minutes on the bus.  It was a “hardcore casual” game that could be enjoyed by varying ages and skill levels, at whatever pace you like.  I feel we’ve not only retained this quality, but embraced it further.  If you’re a seasoned gamer who loves digging into stats and systems to forge the most broken, overpowered character, Battleheart 2 has you covered.  Yet my toddler son can still play the game and have fun too, thanks to the addition of a difficulty setting which can be changed at any time.

As the trailer can testify, the new visuals are pretty cool!  Once you play it though, you may come to appreciate that the “under the hood” stuff has seen just as much refinement.  Skills execute super quickly, and are more powerful than they’ve been before (deemphasizing auto attacks), making your reflexes and decision-making even more impactful.  Gear and skill choices are much more detailed, making no two parties ever quite the same.  With a dozen unique heroes and many ways to build each one, I’m sure our most dedicated players will be debating the “perfect team” for some time.

Just three more weeks.  Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy it!  I think it’s been two years well spent.

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