Hero Spotlight – November

Welcome back to another hero spotlight.  Today we bring you…

November, of the North Wind

Bio: Enrolled in Haggerdom’s exclusive Mage’s Academy from a young age, November quickly eclipsed her peers with her natural talent.  She now leads the Academy’s elemental research, emphasizing the frost domain.

November is a ranged damage dealer who specializes in ice magic.  As you’d expect, she’s fragile and must be protected by her allies, but she provides strong area effect damage and control of the battlefield with the following abilities.

Flash Freeze:  This spell encases a single enemy in an ice cube for up to 15 seconds, completely removing them from the fight.  However, the enemy can’t be harmed while frozen, so unlike other stun effects it’s not useful for controlling an enemy while destroying it.  Instead, it’s great for saving a powerful enemy for later while you wrangle his friends.  Attacking a frozen enemy won’t do damage, but it will gradually accelerate the thawing process.  Talents can modify this ability to also damage the target slowly while they’re trapped, or weaken the target’s damage output after they thaw.

Glacial Spike:  Like the spell from Battleheart Legacy, November impales her current target with a giant shard of ice.  This ability also deals partial damage to secondary targets along its flight path, but it’s mainly used for its single target potential.  There are a couple neat talents that add some great combo potential as well.  The “Shatter” talent causes Glacial Spike to instantly consume Flash Freeze, ending the freeze effect early but enhancing the spike’s damage massively.  For even more shattering goodness, you can also talent Flash Freeze to immediately reset Glacial Spike’s cooldown on use, allowing for a swift spike > freeze > spike combo.

Blizzard:  Unleashes a storm of ice around your current target, steadily damaging and slowing all enemies trapped inside.  Talents include the option to enhance its damage, radius and slowing effects.  One of my favorites is a talent that causes your Glacial Spike to always deal a critical strike on enemies currently within your blizzard, which can lead to some fantastic burst damage.

We’re making good progress on the boss battles in the game, our last major task before release.  Thanks for your patience!

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