Hero Spotlight – Rynn

It’s time for another Hero Spotlight!  This week we asked our twitter followers to vote on who to showcase next, and they selected…

Rynn, the Accursed

Bio: A skilled knight who years ago fell victim to corrupt sorcery and was turned undead.  He now teeters on the edge of madness, and employs the dark magic coursing through him to destroy his enemies.

Rynn is one of our tank characters who stands as your front line.  Rather than simply absorbing damage, his survivability is based on weakening his foes and draining their health.  Rynn thrives when surrounded, where his damage and self-healing are at their strongest.

Ghost Hand:  A ranged spell that instantly warps an enemy to Rynn’s side, which also stuns them briefly.  This acts as a useful tool for pulling enemies off of your weaker allies, and has a short cooldown.  Talents can modify Ghost Hand to be usable even more often, stun enemies for longer, or even pull all enemies near the primary target, which combos well with…

Shadow Nova:  Casting this ability causes Rynn to unleash an explosion of dark magic, dealing damage to all enemies near him and healing Rynn for each enemy struck.  Talents can increase the healing, damage and radius of this skill.  Other options can make Shadow Nova reduce its cooldown per target struck, allowing for very rapid casts when you find yourself surrounded.  One of my faves though is “Devastating Gloom”, which makes your next Shadow Nova a guaranteed critical hit after casting Ghost Hand.  Combined with the mass-pull version of Ghost Hand, you can do a pretty slick combo of teleporting a wad of enemies into your grasp and then dealing a big burst of damage.

Debilitate:  A skill you might recognize from the Witch classes in prior Battleheart games, this ability cuts an enemies attack power in half for 8 seconds, helping Rynn keep himself and his friends alive.  By default this is a melee range spell, but a talent can allow it to be cast at any distance, giving Rynn (along with Ghost Hand) two ranged spells for getting the attention of distant enemies.  You can also talent Debilitate to have a small chance of randomly dealing massive damage to the target in addition to its normal weakening effect.

That’s all for now, keep an eye on our twitter (@MikaMobile) for the next Hero Spotlight!

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