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Battleheart Returns

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Lost Frontier

Turn-based Strategy in the Weird West!

Battleheart Legacy

An epic fantasy RPG that fits in your pocket!

Zombieville USA 2

The definitive zombie shooter for your mobile device!

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Hero Spotlight – Kaimani

January 17, 2018

Welcome back to another hero spotlight.  Today we bring you…  Kaimani, the Ancient Flame Bio: An immortal wizard written of in ages past, reincarnated time and again.  He has lived through countless ages, and seen many…

Hero Spotlight – Natsuko

January 10, 2018

Welcome to our first hero spotlight!  For the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some information and video for each of the 12 playable heroes that will launch with Battleheart 2.  Each hero in Battleheart…

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