Hero Spotlight – Natsuko

Welcome to our first hero spotlight!  For the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some information and video for each of the 12 playable heroes that will launch with Battleheart 2.  Each hero in Battleheart 2 has 3 primary abilities which we’ll outline.  In addition, these abilities can be customized by unlocking talents, so we’ll highlight some of the more interesting or unique talent options.  Without further ado, we bring you…

Natsuko, Disciple of the Blade

Bio: Abandoned by her family as a child, Natsuko was found and adopted by a wandering ronin.  As a surrogate father, he taught her the way of the blade, and how to protect herself and others from a cruel world.

Natsuko is considered a “tank”, intended to draw the attention of enemies and protect her allies from harm.  Unlike our more traditional tanks, she doesn’t wear heavy armor, but instead relies on powerful cooldowns and mobility to stay alive.  She may be a bit more fragile than other tanks, but compensates with respectable damage output.  Here are her primary abilities…

Counter: For a short time, Natsuko becomes immune to attacks, deflecting all incoming blows and counter attacking if possible.  This makes her unique in that she can completely shut off incoming damage at will, but outside of this window she’s more vulnerable than other tanks.  Talents can modify this ability to last longer, deal more damage, and even reduce all of her cooldowns for each counterstrike performed, enabling her to use all of her abilities much more frequently if you can time your counter when surrounded.

Blade Rush: Natsuko dashes through her current target, dealing damage to them and all enemies in her path of travel.  This provides her with a nice bit of area effect damage, as well as the ability to quickly intercept distant enemies that threaten your allies.  Notable talents can modify this ability to heal her for each enemy struck, or briefly knock down all foes along the path.

Mortal Strike: Deliver a massive slash to a single target, dealing moderate damage and also applying a significant bleed effect, dealing further damage over 8 seconds.  By itself, this is a simple enough attack, but talents can make it have extra utility.  One option causes the victim to be heavily slowed, which synergizes well with Blade Rush, allowing Natsuko the ability to “kite” enemies by crippling their movement and then darting away.  You can also increase the damage, add splash damage to the initial strike, or cause the bleed effect to reduce incoming healing on the target, a handy thing when the enemy starts fielding healers of their own.

Battleheart 2 is coming later this year.  Stay tuned for our next hero spotlight!

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